Ever let the love of your life slip by? To hell with that, it’s never too late. Make Your Nights #AbsolutNights. 

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We were kids the last time we were all together. Best friends. It was supposed to be like old times, and it was. It felt like no time had passed. When I saw Katie, it all came back. I loved her. She loved me. But I was young and stupid and I left. I never forgave myself. Now there she was. Before I knew it we were dancing - all of us. Susan got us Absolut Mules. We danced, we laughed. Katie laughed, Bud danced in the parade. We screamed. Bud, still Bud, and everyone still everyone. We piled into this photo booth till none of us could move. We made funny faces into the camera. At night, we sat around lanterns and caught up. Katie and I smiled at each other. I think about what could've been. We ate popcorn and acted like children. Everyone went to bed, Katie and I stayed up. We walked through the grounds. I never saw so many stars. We laid on a blanket, she talked, I listened. I always loved her. But I left, and now it's too late. To hell with that. It's never too late. That was my Absolut Night.

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Absolut Vodka 
Make Your Nights #AbsolutNights

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