More dancing, more romancing, more East Los Cuatro. Season 4 East Los High streaming only on Hulu, July 15th. 
"East Los High Season 4 - Trailer (Official)"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

We urge you to speak up and give someone with no voice a voice.  
We do what we need to do to survive.  
Where were you last night? 
How 'bout we meet up later and I'll help you out? 
So what do you want? 
I want to win. I'll dance with Caleb. 
Get back in line! 
I'm not buying drugs. 
But you said you'd do anything. 
Police! Don't move! 
? my back, remember? 
(Lyrics) Grimey, grimey, thirsty, grimey 
Grimey thirsty, grimey gri-grimey 
Grimey gri-grimey (Gri-gri) 
Groupie let me hit her up (Thirsty) 
White T's in the VIP (Grimey) 
Pictures toll booth have the poetry (Thirsty) 
Hit 'em with the jack move (Pound it, pound it) 
Hit 'em with the jack move (Pound it, pound it) 
Grimey, grimey, thirsty, grimey 
Grimey, thirsty, grimey 
Grimey, thirsty, grimey thirsty 
Grimey thirsty

Written Text

A hulu Original 
Now Is The Time To Take A Stand 
"Crazy Addictive" - BuzzFeed 
"Fresh, Unique" - Latin Heat 
"Groundbreaking" - Being Latino 
5 Emmy Nominations 
A Hulu Original 
East Los High 
New Season July 15 
Seasons 1-3 Now Streaming 
Only On Hulu

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