"Virgin Media | Usain Bolt | #BeTheFastest" 
People want fast broadband connection and Virgin Media gives them just that. Fast speed is Virgin Media’s competitive edge in technology. Our new ad is about what it feels like to experience speed, at a physical and emotional level. 
When Usain Bolt broke the world 100m record he did it in an incredible 9.58 seconds. Our ad re-creates that experience, over and over again and with increasing excitement. It describes the feeling of running at such speed from different and varied perspectives. ‘9.58 seconds’ informs the structure of the ad. It is a modular piece, made up of ten 9.58 second sequences. 
It attempts to lift the lid on the real Bolt. It shows the ‘overwhelming rush of hurt’ he describes when talking about his training schedule, the impact his achievement had on adoring fans, the healthy Jamaican diet he grew up on, the gaming arcades he spent his childhood in and the Jamaican dance culture he is still a part of.  
By the end of the ad, we've shown what it feels like to be the fastest, not just for Bolt, but how that can be achieved through our VIVID 200Mbps fibre optic broadband. Our customers experience some of the fastest broadband speeds, giving them a superior entertainment experience, whether it be with movies, music or gaming

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Usain Bolt brock the 100 meter world record in 9.58 seconds. Do you know what 9.58 seconds feels like? It feels like this. Like your whole life passing under your feet. Like the entire nation is running it with you. Like the overwhelming rush of hurt was worth it. It feels like that healthy Jamaican home cooking can cook. Like the boy grew up, but never lost his killer instinct. It feels beautiful, like pure joy. It feels like being a real-life superhero. Like everything in your whole life suddenly making sense. This is what it feels like to be the fastest.

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