In New Hampshire, U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte says she supports fixing our gun background check system, but in Washington she votes to protect the loopholes that let dangerous people get guns without a background check. Now she's trying to mislead voters to win her election. 

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In New Hampshire, Kelly Ayotte says, "I support fixing our background check system.", but in Washington, Kelly Ayotte votes to keep the loophole that lets criminals get guns without a background check. She was the only Senator in New England who sided with the Washington Gun Lobby. Now Ayotte is trying to mislead voters in order to win her election. Kelly Ayotte looks out for herself and the Washington Gun Lobby. Not Granite Staters. Americans For Responsible Solutions PAC is responsible for the content of this advertising.

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New Hampshire 
Kelly Ayotte 
"I support fixing our background check system" 
Ayotte's votes against CLOSING the Background Check Loophole 
S. Amdt 715 to S. 649 
S. Amdt 2908,  
S. Amdt. 4/50 
N.H. Sen. Ayotte to vote against background checks 
She's The Only Senator In New England Who Sided With The Gun Lobby 
Kelly Ayotte Wants You To Think She Voted For More Gun Background Checks. She Didn't. 
Kelly Ayotte Puts Politics First

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