Baseball is a numbers game. No one knows this better than Bryce Harper. But just remember, no number sounds as good as the crack of a bat. 

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Look, baseball's a numbers game. A 570 foot home run at age 15, 31 homers in 66 games. First run cover at age 16. Number one overall draft pick, Majors at 19. Over 100 home runs as 34. On-base percentage at .340, then .368 then .460. Four-time all-star beating 9.2 million ballots. 30 out of 30 MVP votes. Changed from 716 to 4256, 2297, 3562. You're 220 at age 23. But kid, just remember, no number sounds as good as this.

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It Comes From Below 
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The Official Performance Footwear Supplier of Major League Baseball

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