“There’s no day that goes by that I feel like losing.” Serena Williams 
Work ethic of an underdog. Willpower of a champion. This is Unlimited Serena. #justdoit 
"Unlimited Serena Williams"

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I always felt like an underdog. I was really small for my age. And I was Venus Williams' younger sister. I always felt like I was just fighting to make it. I never felt I would be great one day. Training every day for 30 years is difficult. Then I also think, someone is out there working really hard, and there's a poster on their wall of me, and they're working to beat me. With that, I get up, I go. Every day I'm sore, but that's the life I chose. So, there's obviously days I don't feel like training, but there's no day that goes by that I feel like losing.

Written Text

Unlimited Serena 
Unlimited Fight 
Unlimited Devotion 
Unlimited Commitment 
Unlimited Dedication 
Unlimited Motivation 
Unlimited Force 
Unlimited Tenacity 
Unlimited Drive 
Unlimited Spirit 
Unlimited Willpower 
Just Do It. 

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