"Nissan | Bolt Vs Flame" 
On his way to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Usain Bolt faces an unexpected opponent: fire. Bolt Vs Flame. A challenge developed in collaboration with the Fire Science & Research.

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9.69, 9.58, 9.64. Usain Bolt from Jamaica is the fastest man on the planet. 
At some point in your life you need to move on and challenge yourself differently. 
Great. Thanks, Mark. 
This lab was founded in 1889. We have over a century of experience with fire. 
At this very moment, we have a very different project challenge issued by Mr. Usain Bolt. 
He wants to prove that he was faster than the speed of fire. 
For me, speed is, made me life, really. I was always fast. Now it's 2016 where I need to win in Rio to prove to the world again and again that I am the greatest. 
Rio, wait for me. 
Hello, Mr. Bolt. So, the moment when the pistol is shot, we have the computer control area that will automatically detonate the detonator here, and it's going to produce the sub-sonic flame.

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Nissan presents Bolt vs Flame 
Kingston, Jamaica 
Downtown Kingston 
Fire Science & Research (FS&R) 
Headquarters / United Kingdom 
Raymond McCann - Mechanical Engineer 
Benjamin Schneider - Chemical Engineer 
To be continued in Rio 2016. 
Who dares go beyond. 
Rio 2016 
Patrocinador Oficial 
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