Pokémon Go is not only taking over the world but THE SIMPSONS as well. Even Homer has Pokémon Go fever! 
"THE SIMPSONS: Pokémon Now?"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Mankey. Diglett. Climber. 
Hey dad! 
Check this out! 
Dad! Over here! 
Dad! A mother giraffe is giving birth! 
Dad! Look, I'm walking along the wall of the lion pit! 
Dad! The baby giraffe is taking its first step! 
Dad! I'm walking on my hands and the lions think they're gonna eat me! 
Will you kids pipe down! Rattata. Sandshrew. Drowzee.  
Dad! Pay attention to your children! 
OK. Uh-oh. Aw, that'll be my screensaver. Ah! 
Just my arm. 
Ah! Gotcha! 
Why you little!

Written Text

Springfield Zoo 
See Your Animal Friends In Prison 
The Simpsons 
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