With any new job in life, you want to jump off on the right foot. Watch as Kris Dunn and Brandon Ingram get life advice from Coach Speedman. 
If a veteran asks them to sing karaoke, or tiptoe in a tutu, both Kris Dunn and Brandon Ingram know they should do it – after all, connecting with your teammates starts on day one. And as Coach Speedman says, a stronger bond equals a stronger team. 
"Brandon Ingram & Kris Dunn: First Impressions | Speed Stick"

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With any new job in life, it's all about starting off on the right foot. Bring it in there Kris Dunn, Brandon Ingram. Now, new team, new expectation. So, if a veteran asks you to sing karaoke in a tutu, let 'er rip. 
I can hit the high notes. 
I graduated music class with honors. 
So, connecting with your new teammates and building a bond starts on day one.  
Stronger bond. 
Stronger team. 
Oh, please hit that. That's what I'm talking about.  
Speed Stick. Game on.

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Speed Stick 
Speedman's Playbook 
Tip #9 
First Impressions Are Everything 
Brandon Ingram 
Kris Dunn 
Speed Stick 
Game On.

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