You're now free to watch your DIRECTV with unlimited data from AT&T! 
"Freedom: Seize the Data DIRECTV & AT&T Commercial"

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Freedom is in the air, because now you're free to watch your DirecTV with unlimited data from AT&T. So, snowbound family, you're now free. People stuck in this elevator. Man in a trunk. Guy caught in a spiderweb. And couple trapped in this relationship. You're all now free to enjoy a whole bunch of stuff. Seize the data!  
Get our best unlimited ever so you can stream and surf all you want with unlimited data from AT&T.

Written Text

Seize The Data 
Unlimited Data from AT&T 
Stream + Surf All You Want 
When you have AT&T wireless + DirecTV 
After 22GB of data usage, AT&T may slow speeds 
AT&T | DirecTV Internet Wireless 
1.800.DIRECTV | | AT&T Stores

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