Most trainers would say that swimming is the single best full body workout. We’re seeing the pool differently these days… and it’s looking more like an all-in-one fitness center. If you’re a fitness enthusiast searching for a fresh new challenge, a pro athlete looking for a competitive edge or you struggle with simple daily movements—the water offers more. Experience less gravity, cleaner coordination, consistent resistance, less pain, and natural compression. 
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The human body. We're designed to do things we've yet to even imagine. We're compelled to explore the unknown. To find something more. But our bodies are just flesh and bone with all their limitations. And sometimes, the more we train, the less we find. But if we come to the water with more resistance, but not the impact of gravity, then...boom. And now it's not just about swimming, it's a whole new kind of workout. It's running, cycling, weights, cross training, resistance, endurance, all of it, but better. You want something more? You have to be in the water. And even if you can't swim laps, you can do this. There's fit and there's Speedo Fit. Get more at

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Ryan Lochte 
Natalie Coughlin 
Nathan Adrian 
Missy Franklin 
Cullen Jones 
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