Here's to you, who rise early to embrace the day’s challenge. You, who hit the streets instead of the snooze button. You who don’t restrict your workout to four walls. 
The #GymIsEverywhere. And you’ve got a lifetime membership. 
"Reebok – #GymIsEverywhere – Beirut"

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Every day is a chance to challenge yourself. There are no excuses. Create your own gym. This is our gym.

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Be More Human. 
Beirut, Lebanon 
Sarah Baydoun 
Personal Trainer 
Box Jumps 
Beirut Waterfront 
Tricep Dips 
Pull Ups 
Sioufi Garden 
Pistol Squat with Jump Tuck 
Sioufi Garden 
Where is your gym? 
Be more human.

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