"Macca’s McCafe® – Olympic Games" 
This Olympic Games, Aussies are putting in the hard yards. Because while our athletes are doing is proud in Rio, the legends back home are enduring late nights and early mornings cheering them on. But no matter what time you have to be up, with McCafe® we’ve got just the thing to keep you going. We’re for Aussie legends. Olympian or not. 
This Australian advert shows a woman coming back from an early morning trip to McDonald's to get coffee for her flatmates. She has to dodge several obstacles such as the front gate and a hose on the ground while her hands are full with all those cups.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Amanda is no Olympic gymnast. In fact the garden gate is more flexible. Even the hose has a better floor routine. Yet here she is performing the perfect 5am McCafe coffee run. You won't see anything this thrilling in here. Amanda, you legend.  
Macca's - we're here for Aussie legends - Olympian or not.

Written Text

Australia Team Partner 
We're for Aussie legends 
Olympian or not

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