"Macca’s All Day Breakfast – Olympic Games" 
This Olympic Games, Aussies are putting in the hard yards. Because while our athletes are doing is proud in Rio, the legends back home are enduring late nights and early mornings cheering them on. But with Macca’s All Day Breakfast you can start the day on your terms – whether it’s breakfast time here, or in Rio. We’re for Aussie legends. Olympian or not. 
This Australian ad shows a couple in bed unwilling to get up. One of them finally gets up and gets McDonald's for breakfast, but even then they just stay in bed and eat it.

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After 5 hours of watching the Olympics, Tim and Jenna are struggling to get out of the blocks. And there's another false start. But luckily with all-day breakfast, even a late start is a great start. Tim, you legend. Macca's - we're here for Aussie legends - Olympian or not.

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Australia Team Partner 
We're for Aussie legends 
Olympian or not

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