Unsuspecting customers get an extraordinary surprise when they visited our London Bridge branch. 
"Post Office Travel Money - So easy, it's magic"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Hi, how're you doing? 
Hello, how can I help you? 
Can I get £200 worth of Euros? 
Let's get this done quickly for you.  
Um, I ordered some money online. 
OK. Are Twenties OK? 
Yep. Oh, wow. 
Let's do this really quickly for you. $300.  
You're kidding me? 
Have you considered a travel money card? 
Just don't make my money disappear. 
Payment card? 
Yes please.  
That's £50 exactly. I can do that for you...right away. 
That's a surprise. 
How are you doing that? 
Well, when you exchange money here, it's easy. Enjoy your holiday.  
Thank you.

Written Text

London Bridge 
6th May 2016 
Exchanging Money At the Post Office.  
So easy, it's magic. 
Post Office 
Travel Money. Sorted

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