James Harden gets confidence by looking fresh in his adidas Ultra Boosts from Foot Locker, and also trusting the little voice in his head...which happens to be the voice of Colin Farrell. #HardensInnerVoice "Foot Locker x adidas - "James Harden's Inner Voice" feat. James Harden and Colin Farrell"

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James Harden! I see you're wearing your Adidas Ultra Boosts from Foot Locker. I'm feeling good in mine. That's confidence. Look fresh and always trust that little voice in your head. Yeah. You know, the little voice that kinda sounds like Colin Farrell? Great advice, James. You've inspired these men. They're loving you! The one on the right really appreciates your advice, James. Great advice, James. You're so smart! And look at the wee fella. You've melted his brain. Right, it's time to get out of here. Say goodbye. OK, well, the little voice is telling me it's time to get out of here. Goodbye. Let's shower and wait for the President to call. You're a good walker, James. I like how you go right foot and then left. Look! More fans, James! They are loving you! Let's show these kids a fresh way to get into your car. Nothing awkward about this at all. Smooth as butter. You've done it again, man. It's good to be us. I bet you could drive this car to the moon, James.

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adidas Foot Locker If It's Here It's Approved. #Approved

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