"YouTube Music – Alex’s Theme" 
Music isn’t just something that happens in the background. It’s a lifeline. A roadmap to what lies inside. It gives us the courage to be our true selves. Music isn’t just what we listen to. It’s who we are. 
This ad shows a guy working at a roadside food/ice cream stand. He talks with a girl before going home. While listening to music on the way, a tough looking group of guys drive up next to him and glare, though he makes it home without incident. He gets home and continues listening to the song. He then gets ready to go out and we see Alex's true self. On goes the makeup, leather pants, a wig, a bra, and a netted shirt and ve heads out for some fun looking incredible.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Hey, Alex. 
Hey, dad. 
Biggity big, biggity big, biggity big 
Club now skunk 
Time to turn it up 
Club now skunk 
Club and shake your butt 
Hey Freedia! 
What the fuck is going on? 
We gotta make these people drop and shake it to our song! 
Them standing all around like them not feeling all along 
She moving to the rhythm that is coming out her bones 
She rocking to the beat rock it rock it in the zone 
Rock rock rock rock it rock it rock it rock rock 
Rock rock rock rock it rock it in the zone 
Move move move move move ya move ya move move 
Move move move ya move ya move your ass home 
Come on, come on

Written Text

Dari Delite Drive-In 
Give all to love 
Obey thy heart 
Playing Now - Club Now Skunk (feat. Big Freedia) Elliphant 
It's not just what we listen to. 
It's who we are. 
YouTube Music 
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