Now that Peyton’s retired he has nothing but time. Time to make calls and watch DIRECTV NFL SUNDAY TICKET. Get every game, every Sunday all in HD included at no extra charge. Only on DIRECTV. 
"It’s Peyton on Sunday Mornings – Phone Call & NFL SUNDAY TICKET"

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Whay up, Peyt? 
You know I have DirecTV and NFL Sunday Ticket. I get every game, every Sunday, all in HD.  
Uh, yeah, I know that.  
So, you wanna come over? I'll make nachos! 
I can't right now man, I'm playing.  
Oh yeah. All right, I'll pencil you in for Tuesday.  
Get NFL Sunday Ticket included at no extra charge. Only on DirecTV.  
(Lyrics) It's Peyton 
It's Peyton on Sunday mornings 
It's Peyton on Sunday mornings

Written Text

It's Peyton on Sunday Mornings 
NFL Sunday Ticket | 2016 Season No Extra Charge

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