Gabby Douglas is competing for a spot on the team for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. You've seen how the Olympic gold medalist #MovesLikeNoOther, but you have never seen her move like this. 
"Gabby Douglas Moves Like No Other | Rio 2016 Olympic Games | Gillette Venus Swirl"

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Whoa! Seriously? Oh yeah, I can go bigger. Today's been fun. I started off with some jumps and some turns, but I'm ready for the big stuff.  
(Lyrics) I'm your Venus 
I'm your Venus 
I'm your fire 
Your desire

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Gabby Douglas 
Olympic Gold Medalist 
Everyone Knows Gabby Douglas Moves Like No Other 
But We've Never Seen Her Move Like This... 
Gillette Venus Swirl 
Choose Flawless Skin

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