Decorating your dorm room? Stop with the Hammer Time and use Command™ Hooks instead. They’ll hold strong throughout the school year – without damaging walls or costing you a security deposit.  
"Hammer Goes to College | Command™ Brand"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

The old dorm. If these walls could talk. 
Stop, Hammer Time! 
I think the wall is talking.  
MC Hammer?! He can't touch this.  
And when you're hanging in a dorm, you shouldn't touch this, or this. Here. Use Command hooks instead. Holds strong, damage-free. Just peel, stick and ta-dow! Then when school is out, stretch Command hook off and ta-dow, ta-dow!  
It's too legit. 
What's happening? 
Command. Do. No harm.

Written Text

Command Brand 
Do. No Harm.

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