A close encounter with Donald Trump's hairpiece sends Homer on an extraordinary journey. 
"THE SIMPSONS | Trumptastic Voyage | ANIMATION on FOX"

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Can you hold a sign? 
You know it!  
Want fifty bucks? 
Do you care who the next president is? 
Come with me.  
Paid! Paid! Paid! 
Vote! Vote! Vote! 
I'm right behind him! Not supposed to stare at it directly, but I can't help it! If I touch it will it heal my baldness? Ah, it's so wispy. It's a gravity-defying combover. I can't believe that this was once on his ass. It's as blond as a golden marmoset but also gray as a long dead donkey. I'm so jealous of all those booby women he's married. If he paid less than a million dollars for it, it's a steal!  
I am officially running... 
No! No! Don't take me out of the ginger forest! 
...for President of the United States. 
At least I'll always have this. Oh!

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the simpsons 

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