"MINI USA | U.S. Olympic Games TV Spot | #DefyLabels" 
MINI is proud to partner with U. S. Olympians who have defied labels on their #RoadToRio. The athletes who have exceeded expectations and defined themselves. Because they are the ones who truly embody the Olympic spirit. 
Boxing - Claressa Shields - Poor 
Rugby - Carlin Isles - Foster Kid 
Swimming - Cullen Jones - Black 
Boxing - Carlos Balderas - Immigrant 
Beach Volleyball - Jake Gibb - Cancer patient 
Weightlifting - Morghan King - Small 
Fencing - Ibtihaj Muhammad - Muslim 
Tennis - Serena Williams - Olympian

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Poor. Foster kid. Black. Immigrant. Cancer patient. Small. Muslim. The only label that matters is Olympian

Written Text

Mini salutes U.S. Olympians who defy labels. 
Proud Partner 

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