"MINI USA | Ibtihaj Muhammad | #DefyLabels" 
“Muslim. Black. Girl.” These labels aren’t limitations for fencer and U.S. Olympian Ibtihaj Muhammad. She’s worked her entire life to combat stereotypes and define herself. Watch as she speaks about her motivation.

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I think that I've always been very unapologetic about who I am and my beliefs. My religion, my faith, they're part of who I am and I've never I felt the need to explain it to anyone. My name is Ibtihaj Muhammad. I'm a fencer and a member of the United States Olympic team. 
Growing up in in our family we were always encouraged to participate in sport, and as a Muslim youth and as someone who, you know, who wears the hijab, my parents always have to change the uniform for me. When my teammates wore 
short sleeves or shorts I would have to wear long sleeves and pants in addition to the hijab. I just remember being ostracized and being told that there were things that I couldn't do because I was black, or there are things I couldn't do because i was Muslim, or their limitations because I was a girl. Throughout my entire life I feel like I've tried to combat these stereotypes. It's always just been a part of who I am to prove others wrong and show them that this is how strong women can be. This is, you know, the things that Muslim women can do. 
When I realized that there had never been a Muslim woman who wore the hijab to represent Team USA, I wanted it, you know, not just for myself but for my community. I wanted to see Team USA be more diverse and be more reflective of American 
society and how I viewed it. 
When I think of Mini, I think of being different and of not being afraid of being different. That's something that I, you know, think of when I think of myself.

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