"MINI USA | Jake Gibb | #DefyLabels" 
“Old. Not good enough. Done.” These aren’t limitations for U.S. Olympian Jake Gibb. He owned his labels and now he’s a three-time Olympian and two-time cancer survivor. Watch as he speaks about his motivation.

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2011 was a tough year. I was a 36 year old, old guy that couldn't compete anymore. You know it's done. I'm Jake Gibb. I'm a three-time Olympian and two-time cancer survivor. The second time when I had testicular cancer it was a scarier one for me because they caught it through an anti doping test. Two things were gonna happen. I was either going to be banned from competing in the sport i love for two years or I had testicular cancer. 
I get a little emotional even bringing it up. After my testicular cancer i had my worst year in beach volleyball. There was a label I wasn't good enough. You know, twice i was dumped by partners that wanted to move on to bigger and better things. I was almost done. I almost quit. I think the label with testicular cancer is it's debilitating. That there's frailty or weakness that's attached to it. You know, I think it was I had to kind of on what I've gone through because and I did that in that off-season and then came back 2012 and we were the number one team in the world. The way I look at it is it's a non-issue. It's something I went through and then I'm stronger because of it. Once I step on the court it's about competing and trying to win a gold medal. 
I think there's the label on on the mini car. You know, maybe it's this European car or it or kind of this smaller car that us as Americans have this terrible idea that we need bigger, better. They're saying, hey this is this is the for some reason the way we were labeled and and it's not us. I'm 6'7" and I can't fit in a normal 4-door sedan, so I was like no way I fitting in this thing, but it's beautiful car for a big man actually.

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