"MINI USA | Morghan King | #DefyLabels" 
“Too old. Too small. Too strong.” These are labels that U.S. Olympian Morghan King has been given, and she loves being strong. Watch as she speaks about her motivation.

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People dedicate their whole lives to weightlifting and for me to come up, you know, within a year and that started the conversation of where did she come from? How did she get this far, so fast? There was this kind of mystery about me? My name is Morgan King I'm a weightlifter in the 48 kilo class. 
All throughout sports I was always either too tall for gymnastics as a kid. I was always too small for soccer. I'm a firm believer in everything happens for a reason, and you know at the age of 26 I found weightlifting, and three and a half years later here I am going to the Olympics. Being a strong woman is a label that I have been given, and I love the feeling of being strong. Anybody that would say you know strong and being feminine is not cool, I mean I would probably have some choice words for them, but you know those people don't matter, and I think it's really, really important to teach women and to teach girls to embrace their bodies, and I think that's pretty powerful for a woman. 
Since I was a little kid I have always wanted a Mini. It was my dream. It's like me in a car. That's kinda how it feels. Like when you look at it, you're like oh you're like really cute and little and then you like get in it and you're like this is awesome. Like it's so powerful and strong.

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