"MINI USA | Carlos Balderas | #DefyLabels" 
“Immigrant. Thug.” These aren’t limitations for U.S. Olympian Carlos Balderas. He uses negative labels as motivation to get where he is today. Watch as he speaks about his motivation.

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I'm the first one in my family to have ever achieved something so big. I'm actually the first one of my city to have ever made something this big. My name is Carlos Balderas. I'm an Olympic boxer at the lightweight division. I'm hoping to bring a gold medal. I started boxing because I was just headed down a very, very bad path at a young age. Me and my brother were always fighting in the streets, was fighting in school. We didn't really have a 
any guidance really, and one day my uncle just took us to the boxing gym. They thought that I was just there to stay off the streets or something. I know they didn't expect me to make it this far. I was living as a troublemaker, classless. I was labeled ghetto. When people look at immigrant or Latino as negative I'm sure they think about stuff like I gangs, but for me it reminds me of like a hard-working, quiet, humble person. 
The negative labels, I use it more like a motivation, you know, for me to prove them wrong, and i will just go to the gym with the mindset andjust work hard, and just to prove that you know I'm a hard-working guy. Boxing, kind of, you can stay in my life. 
I always thought Minis were cool because they were small and they were fast. If Mini was a boxer they would probably have to be in the smallest but, i have to be the fastest, and I'll probably wear these guys out, you know, and and the later around just finish them.

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