You coders speak the robots' language, right? We make delicious halfpopped snacks. So when AI hits the fan, us geniuses need to join forces. The plan is simple. You protect us with your ninja code writing skills. In return we'll keep you alive by making you tasty, crunchy halfpopped popcorn snacks. Let's do this. 
"The Halfpocalypse: Our plan to survive when robots try to kill us all." 

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Have you seen this? They call it artificial intelligence. What the f***?! Hi. We're Halfpops. And we're pretty sure that robots are gonna take over the world and kill us all one day. Seriously. What are Halfpops? Oh, just these curiously crunchy half popped popcorn snacks we invented. Now we might be geniuses when it comes to popping popcorn perfectly, halfway. But we don't know a thing about technology. So, when our ? take over, we're all gonna die. Bummer. Total bummer. Because I really like being alive. But instead of sitting around feeling sorry for ourselves, we decided to do something about it. If we can innovate popcorn, we can survive a little A.I. apocalypse. And that's where you come in. The computer developers, code ninjas, you binary badasses. Whatever you call yourselves, you freakin' geniuses speak these robot's languages, right? You can backdoor 'em and proxy their A.I. virus and stuff. Look, the point is, us geniuses need to join forces. The plan's simple. Join forces. In the end times, you'll protect us with your robo fighting code skills and we'll keep you alive by making delicious Halfpop snacks. I mean, what else are you gonna eat? Can you even start a fire? Or find fresh water? Or make a weapon? What about knots? This is called a lean-to. Not fresh. Admit it. You need us and we need you. If you'd like to join us in the Halfpocalypse, go to and just prove you can code. Seriously. If you've got what it takes we'll send you and your entire dev team this month supply of Halfpop rations. This isn't a joke. That's a sh*t ton of Halfpops. And once the A.I. hits the fan, keep these babies coming. So thanks for watching and see you when the world starts to end. Oh no. They're here! No! No! Get off my box! I, uh, thought it was...I'm sorry!  
Click and code. Lock and load. Come on, what are you waiting for? You code, we give you Halfpops, it's simple. Do us a favor. Code.

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This Guy 
1985 - Soon? 
Think About It!!! 
Fresh Water 
Please help us not die at 
Geniuses At Snacking 
(Who Don't Want To Die)

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