This ad which aired during the 1998 Winter Olympics is for a charity that sponsors children after the war in Sarajevo.

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It was like fairy tale. I was one of 800 girls. I'm really here. 
I was a kid from Sarajevo - just a little kid. Capital of the world. 
We never though that time was the calm before the storm. 
At first I heard grenades and afterward I went on my balcony I could see Zetra burning. 
Zetra was really a place for young people. That's inside of Zetra. We felt like sports had died in Sarajevo. 
I can't put together these two things. Flame of the Olympics and flame of destroying. 
People have to realize that it's time to change the gun for the hammer. Sirens for song. 
These who were up in the hills could never convince me that we cannot live together. We had 50 nations fighting for medals, not for territories. 
You can destroy many things, but you know but what came to us when the Olympics came to Sarajevo - this we have kept alive. 
The children of Sarajevo never forgot the Olympics, please don't forget them. They need hope. They need you.

Written Text

Sarajevo 1984 
Chamonix Sarajevo 
Zetra Olympic Ice Stadium 
We want war. Peace is death. 
The Sarajevo Olympic Children's Fund 
John Hancock 
Worldwide Sponsor

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