The mothers of Dontre Hamilton, Eric Garner, Jordan Davis, Sandra Bland, and Trayvon Martin are turning grief into action. The "Mothers of the Movement" are speaking around the country about the need for justice, police reform, and gun violence prevention, and why Hillary Clinton is the best presidential candidate to help America make progress on these issues.  
"Mothers of the Movement | Hillary Clinton"

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My name is Geneva Reed-Veal.  
Gwen Carr. 
Lucia MacBath. 
Maria Hamilton. 
My name is Sybrina Fulton and my son was Trayvon Martin. 
I'm the mother of Jordan Davis, the young man who was shot and killed for playing loud music in his car. 
Trayvon was the person that comforted me whenever I was sick. He would make me soup. 
My son was a very gentle individual. Everybody used to call him the big teddy bear.  
It was very funny going to the store with Sandy. She would rearrange your food, she would even put things back on the shelf because it wasn't good for you. She was unlawfully arrested as a result of a traffic stop. So she lost her life due to a traffic stop.  
Dontre was my youngest. Dontre had a smile that would uplift your spirits. Dontre was killed by a Milwaukee police officer. There was no indictment. 
The worst day of my life is when I had to bury my 17-year-old son. 
Each of us has lived through our own tragedies, which are all different. 
I just want people to understand that Sandy was so much more than that orange jumpsuit in a box.  
I read the Michael Brown story. And at that point it was like, no. Not another one. At that point I decided that I wanted to be their voice.  
As a mother who lost her child, I was gonna stand up and challenge the system and continue to tell my story. 
I can't help Trayvon at this time but there are other Trayvon Martin's that I can help. 
It's the story of a lot of young black males in this country. 
Our young men and women are being murdered and nobody is being held accountable. 
We're just not going to stand for this now.  
This is my life's work to get justice. 
Gun violence prevention. 
Police reform. 
We need to be accountable making sure that my community is just as safe as any other person in this country. 
This is what we need our officials to recognize. 
The stakes are too high. The costs are too dear. And I am not and will not be afraid to keep fighting for common sense reform and along with you, achieve those on behalf of all who have been lost.  
She's been fighting for a long time with these issues.  
Finally, someone here is really willing to listen and to really stimulate change.  
I just feel like she is a person who is concerned about the needs of all people.  
She has a heart to serve.

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Mother Of Sandra Bland 
Mother Of Eric Garner 
Mother Of Jordan Davis 
Mother of Dontre Hamilton 
Mother Of Trayvon Martin 
Mothers Of The Movement 
Gun violence prevention 
Police reform 
Eleanor & Tarika & Aiyana & Rekia & Miriam & Renisha & Yvette & Tanisha & Natasha & Sandra & ... 
Fighting For You

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