"What Makes A Lipton Meal? | Lipton Iced Tea - Picnic" 
What makes a Lipton Meal? It's the perfect combination of delicious food, connecting with friends and family, a beautiful day and of course Lipton Iced Tea.

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What makes a Lipton meal? Well, first you start with this, then plenty of that, these guys, and of course him. *ruff* A place like *shhh*, ah, no. Nope. Found it. And definitely Lipton Iced Tea. Lots of it. Cause it goes great with these. And this. Why not? Op, too many friends. A big yes to this. What makes a Lipton meal? What you bring to it, and the refreshing taste of Lipton Ice Tea. Lipton, be more tea. 
Mm mmm mmmm 
Mmm mmmm mmmmm 
Whoa-o! Woah-o!

Written Text

What makes a Lipton meal? 
Keep off the grass 
Be more tea

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