"What Makes A Lipton Meal? | Lipton Iced Tea" 
What makes a Lipton Meal? It's the perfect combination of delicious food, connecting with friends and family, a beautiful day and of course Lipton Iced Tea.

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What makes a Lipton meal? Well, first you start with this, then add this, and this face. Wait, we can do better. Yeah, that's the one. And of course, fresh brewed Lipton Iced Tea. Cause it goes great with this. Ooops, more of these. Definitely more of this. Ah, that can wait. Oh, but not you buddy. Huh? What's this? I like it. What makes a Lipton meal? What you bring to it, and the bright, refreshing taste of Lipton Ice Tea. Lipton - be more tea. 
Mm mmm mmmm  
Mmm mmmm mmmmm  
Whoa-o! Woah-o!

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What makes a Lipton meal? 
Lipton 100% Natural America's Favorite Tea 
Be more tea

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