US Olympian Shakur Stevenson learned to fight his way through his obstacles. Introduced to boxing by his grandfather at five years old, he has quickly risen the ranks of the amateur boxing world. Undefeated in every one of his international fights, he plans to win gold in Rio to bring hope back to kids growing up in the Brick City. 
"POWERADE | Shakur Stevenson | The Corner"

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Let's go! Let's go! Why're you giving him life for, Shakur? Move around, jab him then go to the body. Let's go. Three more rounds and you walk outta here a champion! 
You've come too far for this. Let's go! Get off the ropes and fight this man. 
Hey, whatchu gonna do? Nothing. Ain't gonna do nothing. This is mine now. Told you wasn't gonna do nothing.  
Shakur, can you tell me where you are? Are you dizzy? Shakur? Can you tell me what round this is? Do you want to continue? Are you good to go? 
Let's go! 
Shakur. Shakur. I know you're not dripping blood on my floor. They asked me how I can watch you fight. Said that boy from Newark, been fighting his whole life. So fight.

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We're All Just A Kid From Somewhere 
Power Through 
Fueling Olympians 
Proud Partner

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