"To Do List"

It takes a lot of different jobs to power the world responsibly. Here are just a few of the things on our to-do-list at ExxonMobil.

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Mapping the oceans...
the way we explore them.
Protecting the biodiversity...
...everywhere we work.
Defeating malaria.
Improving energy efficiency.
Developing more clean burning...
...natural gas.
My job at ExxonMobil...
turning algae into biofuels.
Reducing energy poverty... the developing world.
Making cars...
...go further with less.
...the global economy.
And you thought we just made the gas.
Energy lives here.

Written Text

What's On My To-Do List Today?
John Blum, Ph.D.
Earth Scientist
Mike Cousins
Physical Oceanographer
Rina Barta
Chemical Engineer
Stacy Holland
Civil Engineer
Deena Buford, M.D.
Briana Smith
Civil Engineer
Steve Scannell
Civil Engineer
Billy Landuyt, Ph.D.
Kelsey McNeely, Ph.D.
Biofuels Scientist
Artis Brown
Civil Engineer
Kirti Parmar
Computer Engineer
Karen Tyrone
Electrical Engineer
Sheila Amoako
Rod Henson
Petroleum Engineer
Damola Okunola
Petroleum Engineer
Stacey Wilson
Chemical Engineer
Many Jobs One Purpose:
powering the world
Exxon Mobil XTO

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