"One Giant Rollout - Extended Version" 
Whether you want to rent, buy or share, we’ve got you covered. Get an extended look at our new commercial starring Joel McHale and our whole fleet of transportation solutions including rental cars, trucks, car sharing, exotics and car sales. 
This ad features Joel McHale driving a series of vehicles available for rental from Enterprise RAC. It stars with a moving truck. The back opens up and an SUV drives out which he is somehow also driving with his assistants. Then a compact car pops out of the back of the SUV with, guess who, Joel driving it with different passengers. A minivan then pops out of the back of the tiny compact car with his TV family in it. Next, a sporty convertable comes out of the back of the minivan, this time with a beautiful brunette in the passenger seat. Finally a sedan rolls out of the trunk of the sports car, but this time with a woman driving - because Enterprise will also pick you up.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Hi, I'm Joel McHale, star of commercials starring Joel McHale. Do you know that Enterprise rents trucks? They totally do! 
I can still rent a car which is perfect for hauling my assistants, and their assistants. 
I can share a car with Enterprise car share because sharing is just downright polite. 
Or buy one from Enterprise car sales. 
Daddy, you're the best! 
I love you Joel McHale! 
Hold on, TV family. 
They even rent exotic cars. Hello, not-my-TV-family. 
Plus Enterprise picks me up, and not just because I'm a celebrity. They would pick you up too. 
Whether you want to rent a car, buy a car, or share a car, how can Enterprise pick you up today? 
You know you're picking me up in here too?

Written Text

Enterprise Truck Rental 
Enterprise 1 800 RENT-A-CAR 
Enterprise - Rent | Buy | Share

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