"XFINITY Internet | The Future of Awesome" 
Streaming all your favorite animals videos at the same time thanks to the fastest internet in America is #TheFutureOfAwesome.

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Streaming every animal video with the fastest internet in America until you run out of animals... is the future of awesome. 
X gon' give it to ya 
Fuck wait for you to get it on your own 
X gon deliver to ya

Written Text

Baby Hegehog Yawns (HD) (Original) 
Baby Goats on a Trampoline 
Tiny Teacup Pig plays Guitar Mini Piglet in a Dress 
Karli Seal walks on flippers 
Alpaca Singing w/ Sound 
Bear Cub Attacks Can 
Baby Skunk and Fennec Fox 
Starring at Owls 
Squiggy The Squirrel Eats a Snack 
A chinchilla taking a dust bath! 
Goat Explores Animal Sanctuary 
Speedtest by Oola - America's Fastest Internet 
The Future of Awesome

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