"XFINITY TV app | The Future of Awesome" Never missing a pass with the XFINITY TV app is #TheFutureOfAwesome. This ad shows a man who is trying to enjoy a football game, but he keeps getting interrupted by his dog. He starts out on the TV inside and the dog jumps on the couch and starts licking his face. He then goes outside with his tablet and is able to play and pause the game as needed so he can play fetch with his dog.

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Just gets it off. Never missing a pass with the Xfinity TV App... Come on, come on, come on. Oh! the future of awesome. (Lyrics) X gon give it to ya Fuck wait for you to get it on your own X gon deliver to ya

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NBCSN Xfinity, Wifi, Settings, Voice Search, Documents, Xfinity TV, Video Player, Chat Xfinity X1 The Future of Awesome

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