From Creator Michael Schur comes the unique new comedy The Good Place, starring Kristen Bell and Ted Danson. Coming soon to NBC! 
"THE GOOD PLACE | Official Trailer | NBC Fall Shows 2016"

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You, Eleanor Shellstrop, are dead.  
Cool. How did I die? 
Are you sure you wanna hear? You were struck by a truck advertising an erectile dysfunction pill called Engorgulate. Funny enough, the first EMT to arrive was an ex-boyfriend of you. 
OK, that's, I get it, thank you. 
You're OK, Eleanor. You're in the good place. You are here because you got innocent people off death row. 
You are my soul mate. 
Cool! Bring it in, man! 
You'll stand by my side no matter what, right? 
Of course I will. 
I wasn't a lawyer. There's been a big mistake. I'm not supposed to be here. 
Wait, what? 
Are you sure this isn't you? 
They got my name right, but nothing else. Somebody royally forked up. Why can't I say "fork"? 
If you're trying to curse, you can't here.  
That's bullshirt.  
Doing one good thing that you did on earth. 
Do you have a second to talk about the environment? 
Do you have a second to eat my farts? 
I can't risk going to the bad place. 
OK, well maybe it's not all that bad. We'll ask Janet. Hey, Janet? 
Hi there. How can I help you? 
What is the bad place like? 
I can only play you a brief audio clip of what is happening there right now. 
Well, it doesn't sound awesome. 
Hello. Can I just say, I love your house. It's so teensy.  
Oh, hello! I am just a big beautiful cartoon giraffe! 
What a condescending bench. 
30 glasses of wine and no hangover. This place rules! 
These people might be good, but are they really that much better than me? 
Did you fill your bra with shrimp? 
No. Yes. 
So who is right? 
Every religion guessed about 5%. Except for Doug Forcett. One night he got high on mushrooms and got like 92% correct.

Written Text

From the Creator of 
Parks and Recreation 
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 
Welcome to a World 
Where Happiness Is Eternal 
and Everyone Is Good 
Coming to NBC 
This Fall 
Get Ready 
for a Divine Intervention 
The Good Place 
Thursdays This Fall 

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