"Honda Ridgeline: New Rules" 
The all-new 2017 Ridgeline is a truck that doesn’t follow the rules, it questions them. Because that’s how you get innovations like an In-Bed Trunk and dual-action tailgate. 
This ad shows the Honda Ridgeline pickup truck driving across a field on a big farm. It's driven by the farmer, his wife, and different versions of them that need to do things off the farm. It drives across country, through cities and off into the woods where a treehouse is being built. Then to a drone racing area

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When you want a truck that can do the tough truck things, but you also want one that can do everyday things. And smarter, and more versatile. You want a Ridgeline. For truck things and other things, the all new versatile Ridgeline from Honda.

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All-New Ridgeline

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