A young family starts their own tradition of movie nights with HERSHEY'S KISSES chocolate 
"A HERSHEY’S KISSES FAMILY: The Casarezs — Movie Night"

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I would've never left Texas if it wasn't for Sarah.  
We got married and joined the Peace Corps right after that. Traveling was more valuable than any object. Our family would send these awesome care packages. And the prize was a big bag of Hershey's Kisses. It was this great connection to home. We would save it until the evenings and then we would sit by candlelight and eat popcorn and Hershey's Kisses together. 
Hey guys. 
Hey guys! 
And it turned into our movie night tradition.  
We can have home anywhere, 'cause all that we need is the four of us.  
For us, it's the intimate moments and the small everyday cuddles and kisses that define our family.

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A Hershey's Kisses Family 
The Casarezs 
Say it with a Kiss.

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