Oksana, an artful newcomer, takes on the 1-meter Living-Room Nook Dive at the Flooded House Dog Diving Competition. 
"Oksana | The Flooded House Dog Diving Competition"

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And up now we have Oksana, who is typically an ottoman specialist, so she's a bit out of her comfort zone here. Let's see how she adapts. 
Oh, you see that tail wagging? That really says it all. 
Yes, you can tell she wants this.  
Positioning herself. There's not a lot of room up there. And... 
And...exquisite. A very composed dive from Oksana.  
You've got to be kidding. That looked a little more like a fall than a dive to me. Not a lot of distance. There wasn't a lot of wow. 
Yes, she doesn't quite get the spring she'd hoped for but tidy on the entry and there's a real grace to this dive. 
Almost dainty, you might say.  
Not sure I'd use the word "dainty", no. 
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The Flooded House Dog Diving Competition 
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