Months of training, and hours left alone to flood the house, have honed this spectacular athlete. Let’s see if Montana’s hard work pays off as he attempts the Living Room Sofa Dive. 
"Montana | The Flooded House Dog Diving Competition"

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And up next we have Montana. A crowd favorite. 
And look, he is really revving it up here, Gary.  
It's an unorthodox approach, but you're about to see something really special here, Chad. 
OK, is he, is he jumping? Yeah. Nope. Yep.  
Look at that extension! Incredible height. Plunging forward into a beautiful toe-touch pike. Absolutely breathtaking.  
Amazing! Super in control of his body. 
And that's no accident. It's that extra bit of flash that really psyches out the other divers. And I'd wager it's working.  
And now he's shaking. Just like the competition must be. Shaking in the little paw boots. 
Yes, quite.  
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The Flooded House Dog Diving Competiton 
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