Barely 16 months old and already aspiring to reach higher and father than any dog before, Toby embarks on a trot to glory in the 1-meter Credenza Dive. 
"Toby | The Flooded House Dog Diving Competition"

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All right Gary, we've got Toby up next.  
Hmm, Toby is, oh, what an eager beaver.  
Maximum distance, not achieved. 
Quite a casual approach to such an important moment.  
Right there's where it went wrong. 
Yes, you see, he loses all momentum as that right haunch gets absolutely no traction on take off.  
Kinda like a baby bird who's not quite ready to fly yet. 
Yes, quite ill-fated for young Toby.  
Well, there's always next year.  
Oh I would hope not for the sake of whoever owns this house. 
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The Flooded House Dog Diving Competition 
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