Between now and Election Day we will share stories of middle-class Americans across the country and educate voters about why Hillary Clinton is the clear choice for President. We can and must stop Donald Trump.  

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Mr. Trump's bombast is already alarming our allies and fueling the enmity of our enemies. 
I worry a little bit about his admiration for Vladimir Putin. 
Comments that we've been hearing from Mr. Trump actually create a clear and present danger. 
He doesn't have the temperament or judgement to control himself.  
I love war in a certain way.  
We're about to turn over the nuclear codes of the United States to an erratic individual. 
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Mitt Romney 
2012 Republican Presidential Nominee 
Robert Gates 
Secretary of Defense under President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama 
General Michael Hayden 
CIA Director under President George W. Bush 
Lindsey Graham (R) South Carolina Senator 
Marco Rubio 
Donald Trump 
Unfit To Be President

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