DeVry University graduate and U.S. Olympic Hopeful wrestler Adeline Gray balanced life and school with the support of DeVry behind her. You can too. 
"Balancing act - Adeline Gray, DeVry University Graduate and U.S. Olympic Hopeful in wrestling"

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Tell me I can't wrestle because I'm a girl. That I can't be a girl because I wrestle. Tell me I can't become a U.S. Olympian. And tell me I can't do it while earning a degree. Tell me I can't so I can show you I can. 
At DeVry University, the support we give Adeline is the same we give every one of our students working to achieve greatness. DeVry University. Different on purpose.

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DeVry University 
Adeline Gray 
DeVry University Graduate 
Team USA Wrestling Olympic Hopeful 
DeVry University An Official Education Provider Of Team USA

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