"Crispy Grilled Cheese #Strangewich Recipe | Hellmann's" 
The Crispy Grilled Cheese Sandwich: one of the most beloved, scrumptious and savory sammies known to mankind. But we're making IT even TASTIER. We're making the Hellmann's Crispy Grilled Ham and Cheese Strangewich! By spreading mayo on the OUTSIDE of the bread, you get a perfectly crisp and unexpectedly delicious result!

Written Text

Hellman's Bring out the Best 
For unexpectedly crispy perfection (Try Hellmann's!) 
Hellmann's (Trust Us) 
Spreads better than butter ;) 
Drop in pan Hellmann's side down 
This is where the magic happens 
Flip! Flip! 
Golden perfection! 
Might sound #Strangewich but it's all in the Hellmann's 
What's your #Strangewich

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