At DFS we're proud to call Max Whitlock an official brand ambassador and have enjoyed spending time with him and his family to find out what makes his home 'home' away from training. 
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The best part, for me, about gymnastics is walk into a room and you know that you can do something that other people can't. It's an amazing feeling. I started gymnastics when I was 7. I never really dreamt of going to Olympics. I'm a routine now that I've done for years and it's the same thing every day. People might find that boring, but I love it. And if you said routine, that's what gymnastics is about. I train about 35 hours a week, 6 days a week. It can get very intense, especially on the build up to competitions. It is very important, you know, to get away from it. Your recovery is a massive, massive part of your sport. You have that time in the gym, then you have that time chillin' at home and then hopefully you can relax to make yourself even better for the next day of training. A typical day in the gym, I go in, spend about 30 minutes warming up - stretching, just running around, getting warm. Then we go around on every apparatus - we've got 6 apparatus involved in gymnastics. Gymnastics is quite stressful on the body, that's why you have to be careful. You have to tailor your training to what you need. I absolutely love it, and I wouldn't want to stop it for the world.

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