The eight-episode miniseries follows the early life of Queen Victoria, from her accession to the throne at the age of 18 through to her courtship and marriage to Prince Albert 
Starting : Jenna Coleman 
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The messenger from Windsor is here.  
The King breathed his last at twelve minutes past.  
I will do my best, papa. 
She is out of her depth. 
The strain is too much for her.  
I'm afraid. 
I know, ma'am. But I also know how much courage you have.  
The Queen has led the most sheltered life. Until now. 
You don't think I'm too short to be dignified? 
To me, ma'am, you are every inch a Queen.  
I know that I am young, but I am ready. 
When you give your heart, it will be without hesitation. 
This is not a game! 
I want to dance with you. 
The Prime Minister! 
Surely you understand what is at stake here! 
Lord Melvin, you forget yourself! I believe I shall find my own way, and if I require advice I will ask for it.  
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(Lyrics) Dancing scars from long nights 
I've been bruised by your light 
Oh, oh, oh, oh 
Oh, oh, oh, oh 
Oh, oh 
Freak of mother, nature's game 
I could blame her for my brain 
Oh, oh, oh, oh 
Oh, oh 
Oh, oh

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