See how the Chrysler Pacifica and Jim Gaffigan embrace the spirit of competition. 
"Spirit of Competition | Jim Gaffigan | Chrysler Pacifica"

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These are hands. They're not necessary to open the sliding doors on the all new Chrysler Pacfica. Are you tired of interacting with other people in the car? Well, thanks to the U-Connect theater, you don't have to.  
You can do all your video games right from here. Hello? 
Prepare to be amazed by Stow 'N Go seating. It stows and you go. 
All right.  
Here we... 
Another rising star in the arena of dadhood.  
(Lyrics) Real human being 
Real human being 
And a real hero

Written Text

Chrysler Pacifica 
Only Vehicle With Dual Touchscreens With Integrated Blu-Ray & DVD System 
Only Vehicle With Stow 'N Go 2nd and 3rd Row Seating 
Let the spirit of competition unite us all.

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