Don't get fooled by cut-rate networks. When it comes to coverage, there's only one best network. 
"Verizon | Jamie Foxx –Best Coverage"

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Jamie Foxx here for Verizon. Did you Verizon has more than three times the 4G LTE coverage than Sprint. 
And I'm Jamie Foxx for Sprint. Pretty much the same coverage if you squint. 
You are not Jamie Foxx. Sprint is last nationally in 4G LTE coverage. 
But who's gonna notice? 
What about the left side of the country, huh? This part of Texas? California, New York, etc.? 
Don't get fooled by cut-rate networks. Get the best. And now get up to four free Samsung Galaxy phones, 4 lines and 16 gigs for just $150. Only on Verizon.

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4 Free Samsung Galaxy phones. 
4 lines. 
16 GB. 
Only $150. 
Per month. Plus taxes & fees. 

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