Verizon's best offer on America's best network - 4 free Samsung Galaxy phones. 4 lines. 16 GB. Only $150. 
"Verizon | 4x4 Samsung Promo"

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There are a lot of phone deals out there. But it's not a good deal if it's on a bad network. Right now, there's a really, really good deal at Verizon. 
What kind of deal? 
Up to 4 free phones. 
That's right. And up to 4 lines, 16 gigs all for only $150. And no surprise overages.  
I know! And it's all on America's best network. For 4 free Samsung Galaxy phones, 4 lines, 16 gigs, all for $150. Only on Verizon.  
Did you hear that?

Written Text

4 Free Samsung Galaxy Phones. 
4 lines. 
16 GB. 
Only $150. 
Per month. Plus taxes & fees. 

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